'Full Size' Piranha

Slap bang in the middle of this level is a giant version of Chassey's '67 Piranha. Well, maybe not giant, since in this level your own vehicle has been shrunk to matchbox proportions! Although you can't get on top of the Piranha, you can still weave in and out around it's tyre's. And check it out in from above if you have a minute or two whilst on the top shelves...


Sorry, 'Soccer' balls! These are lightweight and can be thrown around the level with ease. Make sure to pick up some speed before hitting them and watch them fly. Bonus points if you can punch them onto one of the higher shelves!

Electrical Cord

There are a couple of electrical cords in the level that give you a nasty shock if you go near them. And don't be fooled by the fact that you can appear to destroy them, they still remain active!

Vigilante 8 Arcade Cabinet

Don't get too excited about the prospect of playing a previously unreleased version of Vigilante 8. A quick detour round that back of the cabinet reveals that it's unplugged, though you can always pick up the powerups that spawn here. And it certainly shouldn't stop you driving up the pedal and into the guts of the machine before crashing out through the screen, collecting a special weapon on the way...


This arena has an interesting multi-tiered layout. Smaller, faster vehicles should take advantage of this. Not only can you hid from oppononents, but it provides several good locations from which to rain down artillery! There is lots of combustible scnery on the shelves, ignite them as you zip past to make it tougher for pursuers!

Air Vent

This spans the width of the level and is great for getting to the upper levels quickly, without navigating the shelves. The entry point is at the workbench and it opens up onto the top shelf, where , if you're feeling particularly lucky, you can navigate the strip lighting to cross from one side of the room to the other.

Mouse Traps

The must be a sever rodent problem in the Garage, as these traps are scattered everywhere. Shoot them to set them off (sending a pece of cheddar flying throught the air), or try to force an opponent on to them and flip them over.

Fire Extinguisher / Paint Cans

Much like the oil drums in the Stunt Track level, these can be arefully iginited, exploding a few seconds later. Use when trying to escape pursuers..

Videogame References

This a great level for spotting references to Activision and Vigilante 8's heritage. For starters, there's a Call of Duty 3 poster at the workbench, then near the door, a classic V8 poster and another featuring Chassey Blue from her original adventures. Snek behing the Vigilante 8 Arcade machine and you might also spot a True Crime: Streets of LA poster (True Crime being developed of course, by Luxoflux...)

The attention to detail carries through to the products on the shelves - in particular, Isopod brands of paint thinner and spray paint.